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September 6th- Dundonald Community Association Membership meeting

The DCA will be hosting a bylaw amendment meeting at 7PM in the Dundonald School Library. In person program registration and membership purchase will also be there! We look forward to seeing you!

We still need volunteers for the community fun day- particularly the BBQ and bouncy castle supervisions. Please email info@dundonald.ca to volunteer!

A BIG Shout out to SaskEnergy for their grant/sponsorship. Sponsorships like this keep events like this low cost for everyone! Thank you also to local small business Westside Chiropractic and Massage for their sponsorship of free freezies again, and Shifters Car Club for coming out again!

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The digital version is released earlier than the print so sign up under About us to get it right to your inbox!

The website has been updated!

The website has had a bit of an overhaul- with new navigation, new event pages and more information. Have a look around and if you have feedback please reach out!

2023 is going to be a great year!

Thank you to all who came out to the DCA AGM in April! Key highlights from the AGM and recent meetings:

  • Pizza- yum! And thanks to Papa John’s in Hampton village for donating the pizza for our A.G.M it was delicious and very appreciated!
  • We have a new indoor program coordinator to help Stephanie- thanks Ashley for coming onboard!
  • We are still looking for someone to sit as the Special Events Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Soccer Coordinator. Interested in the details of this work? email info@dundonald.ca!
  • We still haven’t financially recovered from income loss over the pandemic. Membership income and programming income are still down. Community sponsorships have been a huge help- thank you! As well as the city grants and one from Dakota Dunes.
  • Winter Fun Day had about 100 people at it, the Summer Fun day close to 300. It was great to offer these programs for free but need more grants and membership sales to keep offering them.
  • We had an awesome turn out of volunteers to help with the rink this year. Many hands make light work – thank you to everyone who helped out. The kids and Dundonald school really appreciate it!
  • Our shed by the rink needs to be replaced. This will be a significant cost. We need to look for grants, sponsorships and fundraising opportunities to generate money for this cost. If anyone reading this can support or help with this undertaking please email info@dundonald.ca.
  • Upcoming Special Events for 2023 include the following and potentially a fundraiser for a new shed! TBD – we may need to host fundraisers this year to pay for the new shed- if you are interested in helping out with this please email info@dundonald.ca.


Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the Winter Fun Day!

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How has it already been 2 months since our summer get together!? Do you have ideas for fun ways we can get together this winter? Interested in helping out with special events? Click on the volunteer menu!

In the meantime the DCA was beyond honoured when Uy Studios offered to take pictures of the Summer Fun Day look at some of these pictures they took of the car show-incredible and other parts of the event! Thanks again to Uy Studios and be sure to check out their socials! instagram.com/uystudios facebook.com/uystudios.sk or www.solo.to/uystudios

And thanks to all the vendors who have helps support our events!