Upcoming Events through your DCA!

Program Registration live today! Click above to purchase your annual membership and register for programs. Membership is required in order to register for programming!

Newsletters are in your mailbox! Didn’t get one? email info@dundonald.ca or click on the e-newsletter link above and sign up! Remember, if you said no flyers we didn’t leave you one!

September 6th- Dundonald Community Association Membership meeting

The DCA will be hosting a bylaw amendment meeting at 7PM in the Dundonald School Library. In person program registration and membership purchase will also be there! We look forward to seeing you!

We still need volunteers for the community fun day- particularly the BBQ and bouncy castle supervisions. Please email info@dundonald.ca to volunteer!

A BIG Shout out to SaskEnergy for their grant/sponsorship. Sponsorships like this keep events like this low cost for everyone! Thank you also to local small business Westside Chiropractic and Massage for their sponsorship of free freezies again, and Shifters Car Club for coming out again!