Rink Operation

The Rink is now closed for the season.

Feel Free to Pull the Weeds!

We have to maintain the rink in the summer too! Feel free to pull the weeds when you are near the rink!

Interested in volunteering to flood and maintain the rink in summer or winter? Please sign up to volunteer at the link above!

Family skate no hockey sticks on the ice
Wednesdays and Fridays 7-9 & Sundays 2 – 4


The Dundonald Community Rink is located near Ecole Dundonald School. It is maintained by volunteers throughout the winter. Please watch Facebook for updates on when the rink will be ready.

If you are interested in helping maintain the rink – flooding, scraping, maintaining the boards- please contact info@dundonald.ca or sign up to volunteer under the about us page!