Dundonald Community Association Needs YOU!

The DCA is in need of new Board Members:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Communications/Newsletter
  • Treasurer

Board Members meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm, except for December, July and August

If you are interested in helping our community become the best please email president@dundonald.ca or send us a facebook message.

Protect your bike!

Saskatoon Police Services has notified us that the number of bike thefts in our city have increased recently.  Here are a few reminders from the SPS website

Tips for Securing Your Bike

  • Use a high quality lock – don’t rely on a cable lock.
  • Lock a wheel and the frame to a secure structure. Don’t lock only the wheel as they can be easily removed from the bicycle.
  • Most bicycles parked outdoors are not secured properly. Never leave your bike outside overnight.
  • Never leave your bicycle unlocked in your garage, bike cage, balcony or on your vehicle. Many bikes are taken from these locations.
  • Adding a secondary lock can enhance the security of your bicycle.

You can also register your bicycles with Saskatoon Police Services:  http://saskatoonpolice.ca/obr/

Cable locks or thin chain link fences can easily be cut.  Be sure to use a U-shaped lock and remind your child to lock his/her bike to a secure post.