Annual Garage Sale

Dundonald is community Wide Garage Sale First weekend in June

Dundonald Community wide garage sale was a huge success in 2022! It was so great to get out and meet and visit with neighbours we hadn’t seen in quite some time! We hope to do this again next year so hold that first weekend in June!

General guidelines for sales:

Sellers may choose to have different hours. And if you check out all of these and still have energy Westview and Hampton Village are also having community wide garage sales this weekend!

A note to sellers: under city regulations garage sales are personal private household sales (retail sales of new items are not permitted) and people are prohibited from setting up private sales in public areas such as parks, ditches, boulevards or school grounds. Also, any homeowners or groups planning to sell food that is not pre-packaged, would need to contact Public Health at 306-655-4605 to complete a Temporary Event Application Form. There is no charge to complete the form.